Quasamodo & The Q Orchestra

Quasamodo & The Q Orchestra


Quasamodo (real name Dimitris Nassios) is a composer, lyricist and producer hailing from Greece. With previous releases on labels such as Freestyle Records and an album project under the name of ‘Smokey Bandits’ partnering with Basement Freaks for Bombastic Jam he’s now made Jalapeno his home.

His moniker stands for ‘Quite Unusual And Slightly Awkward Music Of Diverse Origin’ and Dimitris has also taken the project on the road with a series of live performances with his live band The Q Orchestra. His first album on Jalapeno Records – ‘The Big Picture’ saw him frequently team up with the vocal talents of fellow Grecian songstress Thaliah on his groove-laden jams which are a throwback to the labels early  days when the j-funk was a little more strictly defined.

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