Lindo Man

Lindo Man


Lindo Man is the product of many years of musical passion and technique. Having spent over a decade DJing and producing under the name Mr MaDjestyk, Chris Chambers felt it was time to solidify a project that was had been bubbling bellow the surface for many years. The sound was born out of a love for soul and bass music, along with an amalgamation of years of crate digging and the fusing of styles.

His sound can be described as a coalescence of Soul, Future Bass, Dub Reggae, Hip-Hop, Footwork, Trap, Dubstep and more. It’s born out of the fundamental aesthetics of feeling through sound, both soulful through melody and physical through bass and beats; all wrapped together with forward thinking grooves and contemporary sounds.

With support from BBC radio, amongst other jocks, and first releases on labels far and wide, from Car Crash Set, Raid System, Trap93, Risin Sound – the talented Mancunian producer is set to release his first album, with Jalapeno Records.

The Lindow Man is the preserved body of a man from the Iron Age that was discovered a few miles from his home town, in Cheshire. The moniker was chosen as it was symbolic of his philosophy of music being a universal language, that can transcend time, place, and even species, by creating a vivid, emotive picture, with sound.

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