Dr Rubberfunk

Dr Rubberfunk


Dr Rubberfunk was already two albums into his career when he signed with Jalapeno Records. Before each album release he had been pitched by the label boss to join the J Family but resisted until his third album, Hot Stone, was finally released on Jalapeno.

Featuring killer collaborations with brit-soul legend Roachford and John Turrell of Smoove & Turrell fame, it was a progression from the Doctors previous two albums. It was also the first time he abandoned the sampler in favour of recording with a live band and the result was as he puts it, “the record I always wanted to make”. Jalapeno have also re-issued his debut album ‘The First Cut’, making it available in digital form for the first time.

General Enquiries

Label/Licensing: trevor@jalapenorecords.com

Contact: UK Bookings : info@funkydown.com

Bookings: Outside UK Bookings : frank@bureau45.com