AOTOA is an obsessive producer, re-versioning his tunes countless times in search of the perfect calibration, also a talented instrumentalist who combines his playing and programming with original field recordings, warping, twisting and layering found sounds to create the richly textured cinematic sound-beds in which his beats and melodies are steeped.

Nigel Evans first caught attention with his Flevans moniker, (signed to fellow Brighton label Tru Thoughts) producing sample heavy, disco, funk and electronic influenced tunes with a cut and paste methodology. After a successful run of releases he decided to depart from his Flevans sound for a more left-field brand of electronica – his unique style is a fusion of lo-fi electronica and dancefloor rhythms, tied together with an emotive harmonic sensibility, roaming across diverse genres of contemporary electronic music.

After signing with Jalapeno Records the first AOTOA release to see the light of day was a remix of ‘You Made Us Change’ by his new label mates- Ephemerals. A track that hit the number one slot on the Hype Machine, winning support from the likes of Earmilk, who declared that, with his debut remix, ‘AOTOA has got the UK garage scene on lockdown’. The praise didn’t stop there with Mixmag describing his track ‘Great Ideas’ as “a Bass driven gem” and AOTOA as “a name to look out for in 2015”.

They were certainly right there with 3 EPs, a slew of remixes and his debut album all released in 2015 – ‘Seconds’ is primarily a listening album, perfect for long drives and traversing cities, but it also features tunes that will tear a club apart. Bridging the gap between organic lo-fi and futuristic synthesis, AOTOA’s propulsive loops, reverb-drenched vocals and stirring progressions combine to mesmeric and moving effect. Drawing on garage and bass styles and elevating them with finely crafted composition, ‘Seconds’ is an album of bold imagination and variety.



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